Hello, Working Girl: Kelly Lynn Adams of The After 5 Club

Hello, Working Girl: Kelly Lynn Adams of The After 5 Club

Meet Kelly Lynn Adams, pro side hustler and ambitious professional, who also happens to be the creator of empowering women’s community The After 5 Club! Below, Kelly Lynn shares how she balances a full-time job and business, and what she hopes to accomplish with The After 5 Club in the future. For all Working Girls out there who are looking to grow your side hustle – this one’s for you! 

Q: Prior to launching your site and The After 5 Club, how did your ambition and professional experience prepare you for the role that you have today?

A: I believe every situation, job, encounter, failure and success has prepared me for the role that I have today. Everything in your life – whether it is a specific situation or different people – come into your life for a reason, a season or for your highest good to teach you very important lessons. I always have a drive to do, be and have more so that I can fulfill my purpose and help more people. I also believe very strongly that we were all born for a specific reason and the ultimate goal is to tune into what that reason is and then share it with the world. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what your purpose or mission is and for me it took a while to figure it out. I listened to my heart, I took risks, and I tried different opportunities to see what I liked and didn’t like. I failed and I succeeded but I always remembered that my thoughts, words and actions were the most powerful things that I had that could either make or break me. I am still a work in progress, learning and growing each day but I think what has prepared me the most is my mindset (filling my mind with positive information always) and trusting my gut. Today I know that I am doing something I absolutely love, I am having fun and making an impact in this world.

Hello, Working Girl: Kelly Lynn Adams of The After 5 Club

Q: Walk us through what a day in the life of Kelly Lynn is like – morning coffee, a full workday and setting aside time to work on new projects?

A: A typical workday is that I get up pretty early before my day even starts and have a morning routine and I have found that this keeps me grounded and helps me dedicate time to myself and my business before I answer any demands that others are needing from me. My morning routine consists of different things like meditation, journaling, affirmations (saying them out loud), reading, exercising and doing a task or two for my business. This routine varies each morning but it consists of doing a combination of these things. Then I head to work and work a full workday at my job. I come home and relax and eat dinner. Then I will either have clients or work on my latest project for my business. After that I check in with my team. I do this routine Monday through Friday and I usually take Sunday nights to plan my week, planning is critical in my life! On the weekends I usually take one or two days completely off; however if I am launching a project, taking on an extra couple of clients or preparing for a speaking event I usually take one day off and then when the busy time is over I make up for the lost days that I didn’t take off.

Q: How do you stay motivated and focused during an otherwise hectic workweek?

A: If there is a hectic or crazy workweek, what helps me to stay motivated and focused is always taking time for me as well as keeping my mind filled with positive information whether that be listening to motivational or positive podcasts, watching motivational YouTube videos or reading. What keeps me focused is having a set schedule of what needs to get accomplished and taking action on everything I set out to do. There are some times that I fall behind and do not get everything done that I wanted to do, so in those cases I get as much as I can done, and not beat myself up and reschedule those tasks for another day. What also helps me to stay motivated and focused is finding an accountability buddy or a mastermind group to check in with and cheer each other on, this is super helpful!

Hello, Working Girl: Kelly Lynn Adams of The After 5 Club

Q: What advice would you give fellow women who would like to embark on their own entrepreneurial endeavor, or to launch their own business?

A: Just do it. Don’t wait for the perfect time, the perfect website or the perfect idea. Progress – not perfection – always wins. I see too many women get stuck waiting for the perfect website, the perfect idea or being worried about how they will look if they don’t say, do or create the right program, product and/or service. You will never know what works and what doesn’t work until you test, try and take action on it. Just remember it is not about you and people are waiting to experience what your strengths, expertise and what you have to offer. You can always change directions and come up with other ideas, you are limitless, worthy and more than good enough. I tell women all the time to stop standing in their own way and get out there and start sharing your gifts and talents as there are so many people in this world that need what you have to offer.

Q: What is the most fulfilling part of running The After 5 Club, and what do you hope to see for the movement in the next year?

A: The most fulfilling part of running The After 5 Club is seeing how these women’s lives are changing, many of them are following & monetizing their passions, maximizing their time, changing their mindset, leaving their jobs and making a huge impact in the world and changing lives. In the next year, I totally see this movement becoming even bigger and changing thousands if not millions of businesses and lives.

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