What We Love: Moleskine’s New PRO Collection!

What We Love: Moleskine's New PRO Collection!

If you know me, you know I love a set of great office supplies. As a longtime fan of Moleskine, I was so excited to learn about the recent release of the brand’s PRO Collection, a line of notebooks and tools designed for the busy, hardworking professional.

Three of my favorite staple products of the collection are the classic Professional Notebook (perfect for stashing away in my purse while on-the-go!), the Portfolio A4 and the Professional Pad. Below I’ve provided reasons as to why each product is perfect for Working Girls, and how Moleskine will totally fit into your work life.

Professional Notebook
Ever since I received my first Moleskine notebook in 2011 (yes, I remember the exact year!), I was completely hooked on the silky quality of the paper as well as their great design. Fast forward to now, where I consistently have to have a notebook on me at all times to jot down reminders an to-dos during my day-to-day as a digital marketing professional. Moleskine’s Professional Notebook is the perfect place to store all of my notes and reminders in a smaller-scale notebook. Personally, I prefer the hardcover version, which battles daily wear and tear!

What We Love: Moleskine's New Pro Collection!

Portfolio A4
The Moleskine portfolio is the perfect, convenient piece to leave by my desk to keep track of important receipts, bills, upcoming concert tickets and more. I love that it’s so streamlined and low-key, and is a one-stop spot for me to keep all of my important documents!

What We Love: Moleskine's New Pro Collection!

Workbook A4
This workbook is big, and it’s the perfect place for me to crunch my numbers after-hours when I’m setting rates for freelance clients, calculating my follower growth on social media, and jotting down upcoming content ideas for That Working Girl. I have the portfolio full of graph paper, which is a great way to stay organized on paper.

Disclaimer: I was gifted products by Moleskin for review purposes, but genuinely love them! 
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