How to Step Up Your LinkedIn Game This Week

That Working Girl: How to Step Up Your LinkedIn Game This Week

When it comes to LinkedIn, the social network is essential to building up your professional persona and connecting with potential business contacts and employers. If your LinkedIn is a little dusty and you haven’t updated your profile in a few months, we’re brining you a few easy ways to step up your LinkedIn game this week – it might only cost you the time of your lunch break!

Treat your Summary section as your highlight reel.
When employers or business contacts begin scrolling through your LinkedIn profile, your Summary section is one of the first things they’ll see. Because of that, treat this section as your highlight reel and share your favorite achievements, strongest assets and most beloved work clips in this section. For mine, I shared my media mention in USA Today and interview with Kelly Cutrone Huffington Post Live!

That Working Girl: How To Step Up Your LinkedIn WayShow them what you’ve got!
For each job that you’ve held, you’ve surely generated some great, outstanding work. Whether it’s a killer press clip for a client, a beautiful design piece or an eloquent long-form journalism feature, you should be showing off what you’ve worked so hard for! At my current role, I’m responsible for designing all print and digital advertising for my company. Because of that, I’ve shared a few of my favorite design pieces with my job title on LinkedIn to backup the description of my role.

That Working Girl: How To Step Up Your LinkedIn Way

Join groups and get ready to connect.
One of the best ways to connect with like-minded professionals in your industry is by joining relevant groups on LinkedIn. They’re a great resource for times when you have a career-related question that you may not be comfortable asking in your office, or when you simply need a bit of industry-related advice. A few of my favorite LinkedIn groups are Levo League’s and Marie Claire @ Work.

That Working Girl: How to Step Up Your LinkedIn Game This Week

What are your favorite ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile? Share your tips with us in the comments below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl

One thought on “How to Step Up Your LinkedIn Game This Week

  1. Oh My gosh! Lindsay, I promise it’s like we’re sharing a brain. I was JUST telling a friend, I started spending more time on LinkedIn this week and wonderful things have been happening! In fact, I published my first LinkedIn post this morning!

    I’m headed there right now to “Link” with you 😉 So happy we’re connected, cheers to continued growth!

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