Why You Need to Create Visual Content – and How it Will Boost Your SEO!

Why You Need to Create Visual Content – and How it Will Boost Your SEO!

Though consumers might be spending several hours a day scrolling the internet for shareable content, guiding them towards your own media spaces can seem like a herculean task. But the good news is they are looking and you only need to improve your online visibility.

That said, many businesses have had the same idea and are racing towards market share majority and the finishing line, resulting in there being too much content.

According to a recent infographic from MarketDominationMedia, there are 216,000 photos and 8,333 videos posted to and shared around social media sites every 60 seconds. So just how are you supposed to compete? Well, it’s easier than you might think: create visual content that appeals to your audience and boosts your SEO.

Visual Content Goes Viral More Often
Results from a recent study that analyzed over 100 million articles found long or short form content that included one or more visuals performed better overall and were shared more often across Facebook and other social media channels.

That said, the study was not able to account for how aesthetically pleasing a viewer might find a particular image when compared to another, but there’s something to be said about image quality. In any case, make sure you incorporate proper headlines, metadata, clean URLs and long-tail keywords where possible.
Consumer Behavior is Forcing a Change in Tactics
Content marketing is about getting people to move to the end of the buying decision process and visual elements excel at facilitating this transition. It’s is not always easy but adding eye-catching fonts, color-coordinated calls to action and iconic custom graphics and can help immensely.

Just remember that if your overall content is not scannable and your website is difficult to navigate because your graphic design leaves a lot to be desired, you will be missing out on potential sales. Even creating visuals for your blog posts can make a big impact. If your post has a lot of data or is easily summarized, try making an image to accompany the post that points out the most important points you’re trying to make. For a great example, check out this post from Twelve Skip.

There is Variety in Visual Communication
Unlike copy, images are processed as a whole and most people can tell whether they’re going to switch off mentally based on a lifetime of exposure to advertising campaigns. What you want to do is mix things up.

Presenting your information in the form of a graph, chart, animation or comic will influence how the information is absorbed by your target market and consumer demographic. As such, keeping your central message clear is important if you wish to maintain a strong brand identity.

Remember that what you say is just as important as how you say it. Consider your options for distribution carefully as some forms may be more or less likely to go viral.

Audiences are People Too
While SEO best practice is designed to improve the search engine rankings of websites and social media profiles, you should always remember that reaching your potential customers involves more than playing the numbers game.

Something that CJ Pony Parts does very well with its U.S. Road Trip Destinations infographic is translate a topic that their core audience is interested in and presenting this in an accessible and shareable way that appeals to their interests.

As a result, the business generates discussion and inserts itself into the lives of its audience. Those who can do this, and do this effectively, will always have a leg up on the competition.

Communicate Your Vision Immediately
One last consideration you may need to think about are your page load times and passing the dreaded 5 second test to ensure your hard work leads up to something. Fortunately, visuals are generally very good at doing this if they’re contextually relevant.

And there you have it. If you can implement a few of these tips in your next piece of visual wizardry, you and your business are bound to be climbing the Google ladder in no time at all. Good luck and get creative!

Sarah Landrum

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