Working Girl How-To: Find a Job by Swiping Right (on Jobr!)

Working Girl How-To: Finding a Job By Swiping Right on Jobr!

Finding a job is no easy task. Whether you’re about to graduate college, a recent graduate looking for your first “real gig” or even currently employed but looking for something new, searching for jobs is… well, a full-time job in itself. It takes a lot of time and effort to perfect your resume and LinkedIn profile, search for jobs on the almost infinite job sites out there, find ones that actually pique your interest, write cover letters for each, and submit those tedious online applications. But what if the job search process was simplified? What if applying for a job was as easy as picking up your mobile phone, checking a mobile app and simply applying for a job you’re interested in with the quick “swipe right”? Well, now it is.

When you hear “swipe right,” your first thought is probably Tinder (don’t lie, you know it was!). But it’s time to retrain your brain to think about something else when you hear “swipe right.” Like the term “to Google” has come to be defined as: “to search online for,” the phrase “to swipe right” is quickly changing to mean: “to show interest in.” And Jobr is paving that path in the employment industry. Jobr is a Tinder-like mobile app that allows you to quickly and easily apply for jobs right from your mobile device with one simple motion. Jobr describes themselves as a “job discovery and matching platform that connects corporate recruiters and hiring managers with a rapidly growing base of talented candidates.”

So, how does Jobr work exactly? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Download the Jobr mobile app. You can either go to your app store and search “Jobr” or go to their website and text yourself a link to the app download.
  1. Create a profile. This can be done through manual entry of information, or just import your information quickly and easily straight from your LinkedIn or Facebook profile.
  1. Start swiping! Based on the profile you create, you’ll automatically start receiving job matches. Swipe right on the jobs you want to apply for and swipe left on the ones you don’t.

And that’s it!

Additionally, within the Jobr mobile app you can modify your match preferences (salary range, location and career track), keep track of all the jobs you’ve applied for (those that you’ve swiped right on), and message directly with the recruiters and hiring managers for companies that are interested in you, too.

Lastly, if you know how Tinder works, then you probably saw this next part coming… Jobr is a job-candidate matching platform. So, remember that the recruiters and HR managers are swiping left and right on you, too! It’s crucial to keep your Jobr profile up to date if you’re using it to apply for jobs so that these recruiters are seeing the most up to date information you have.

(And just to note, Jobr did not sponsor this post. I truly just find it so cool and easy to use that I wanted to share this information with you all, Working Girls!)

Are there other tools that you’ve used to simplify your job search process? We want to hear about them! Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl.

Emily Fearnley


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