PR Who’s Who: The Class of 2015

That Working Girl: PR Who's Who Class of 2015

Happy Friday, Working Girls, and welcome to our greatly anticipated feature – PR Who’s Who: The Class of 2015! After months of planning, chatting with candidates and narrowing down our stellar PR ladies to the top 4, I’m so pleased to present to you the up-and-coming, ambitious leaders of our industry. Congratulate all of our hardworking ladies, and feel free to connect with them on social media after reading. Enjoy!

That Working Girl PR Who's Who: Class of 2015

As much as she’d like to say that she found PR and knew it would be perfect for her, it’s more like PR found Paige Vaughn through a fated tweet promoting a PRSSA meeting on her college campus! Fast forward four years later and she couldn’t be more in love with the field. Paige’s true passion began during her first internship, but it was intensified when she started her young pro-focused PR blog. Like so many other right-brainers, Paige is multi-passionate. Throughout college, she’s split her time over seven semesters of interning and running a small photography business. Her favorite thing about PR is that is strategic and relationship-based. Every action and plan she creates is looking at the bigger picture of how to build better relationships – how amazing is that?!
Paige will be graduating Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Public Relations and Writing from Texas State University. Paige was awarded the Mass Communication Leader of the Year in 2014 and earned the Circle of Achievement for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Additionally, Paige serves on the Council of Scholars for the College of Fine Arts and Communication, and received 7 major-related scholarships for work in PR, mass communication, photography and academics.
Paige recently accepted a full-time summer position with world-renowned agency Weber Shandwick (which also happens to be her dream agency!) in Austin, TX. Come July, Paige will journey with her best friend and corgi, Paddington, from San Marcos to the big ATX!
Keep up with Paige on her personal website, as well as Twitter, @PRGirlPaige, Instagram and LinkedIn!

That Working Girl PR Who's Who: Class of 2015
Daltyn is passionate by nature. She is passionate about people, opportunities, and how to two combine. Along with her extra involvement in her university’s PRSSA chapter, Daltyn was recently named the 2015 Student of the Year by PRWeek based on her submitted campaign for the 2016 Toyota Mirai. Born and raised in #PureMichigan, she is eager to see where her career in PR will take her!
Daltyn graduated in April from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI, with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations with a language emphasis in Italian. During her four years at GVSU, she served on the Executive Board for GVSU PRSSA as the CEO of GrandPR, GVSU’s nationally affiliated, student-run PR firm.
Daltyn’s post-grad plans include finding a position working for a large PR firm, traveling the globe, and doing something that will impact the masses and support positive social change.
Keep up with Daltyn at her personal website, on Twitter, @DaltynLittleLinkedIn and Instagram!

That Working Girl PR Who's Who: Class of 2015
Ashley is a 22-year-old PR fanatic whose passion for public affairs led her to the nation’s capital. Aside from PR, Ashley’s passion is traveling. She recently traveled to Greece and Istanbul and plans to visit California in May.
Ashley graduated with honors from American University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Communication with a minor in Political Science. She was awarded the Hurst R. and Marian P. Anderson scholarship for academic excellence and was inducted into Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honors Society.
Ashley will be joining The Herald Group, a public affairs and issue advocacy consulting firm in Washington, DC, as an Associate in June.
Keep up with Ashley on Twitter, @Ashhsayers, and on LinkedIn!


That Working Girl PR Who's Who: Class of 2015
Alyssa is a Southern transplant by way of Connecticut. Alyssa is graduating from the University of Georgia with a M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the prestigious Grady College, where she specializes in health PR and can’t get enough of good branding.
Alyssa served as the 2014-2015 President of the Drewry Chapter of PRSSA, was the 2014 recipient of the Neumeier Family Leadership Award from the PRSA Foundation, and was also a 2014 semi-finalist for the Tribeca video award, LabTV.
Alyssa is currently consulting while hunting down her dream job; when she’s not working she considers herself a “master gardener,” and you can find Alyssa growing food and cooking it up for a dinner party.
Keep up with Alyssa at her personal website, as well as Twitter – @alyssastafford – and Instagram.

Feel free to congratulate all of our stellar 2015 grads on social media this week – and be sure to include the hashtag #PRWhosWho!

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