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Five things to do after graduation


After walking across the stage, shaking hands and grabbing your hard-earned diploma, sometimes pinpointing the next step after graduation can be tricky. Although it may be tempting to slip into lazy mode if you don’t have a full-time job or internship lined up immediately after graduating, filling your time with proactive tasks is the best thing you can do with your post-grad circumstances!

We’ve listed five important tasks that you should tackle immediately after graduation to ensure a more seamless transition into the workforce:

Update your LinkedIn profile
Tweaking your LinkedIn mission statement and career-related experience after exiting college is a major way to get noticed in the online job hunting pool. Earn a prestigious award at graduation or wrap up a huge senior capstone project? Add these grand-finale honors to your list of LinkedIn accolades, and begin following companies on the site that you would be interested in working with – you never know when a new job posting will be listed!

Start fresh with a new planner
It may sound very minor, but leaving all of your collegiate tasks behind and starting fresh with a new planner to keep track of your new priorities is essential to living in the here and now. We swear by Moleskine’s 18-month planners that are available in a wide array of fun colors.

Get branded
If you haven’t established your personal brand just yet, now is the time. Whether you prefer a simple inital-based brand or something more elaborate, making sure that your brand aligns with your personality is paramount. After nailing down a brand, get it out – on everything! Business cards, your website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram account; if you can name it, you can brand it.

De-clutter social media
You know that Facebook friend who posts their online game scores constantly, or that friend of a friend that you follow on Twitter but don’t really know? Now is the time to clear out any white noise on your social media accounts and start over! Devote an afternoon to deleting unnecessary Facebook “friends,” unfollowing Twitter accounts that you are no longer interested in, and finally chucking those over-zealous Pinterest wedding board pinners. Psst – stay tuned for a more in-depth post on de-cluttering social media this week!

Minimize and simplify
Chances are, most recent college grads will either be moving back in with mom and dad temporarily or getting their first apartment. Either way, condensing your life to fit into a small living space can be a challenge. Give worn out or outdated clothes to Goodwill, fight your pack-rat tendencies and embrace your inner minimalist by getting down to the bare minimum of what you need to live and thrive!

Are you a recent college grad? Share your best tips for making the transition into the next chapter of your life as seamless and hassle-free as possible in a comment below!

5 thoughts on “Five things to do after graduation

  1. I graduated in 2012 and moved to NYC in the fall. Starting a whole fresh new life was invigorating! …and of course scary and stressful. You’re 5 tips here should really help new grads take their new life by the horns. I “de-cluttered” my Facebook and Twitter after I graduated, like you suggest here. I like it because with the limited free time I have I get updates from people I actually want to reach out to and no longer receive invites to events from people I don’t know. I do need to work on branding myself, I think its something that young professionals often underestimate. I’m glad you point it out here. Great post!

  2. First of all, thanks Google leads me your blog and read this post, cool! (:

    I’m just graduated too last June and now I am busy with my recent status, which is a fun-unemployed. I was applying job app for several places and still waiting for the calling. Beside of that, I’m trying to work with my blog and take it more seriously, also finding a new hobby. So my best tips are: 1. Do something you really really love, and keep doing it. 2. Try to find a new hobby. I was always wondering about running at the beach, so yeah I did it 2 times in one week already. 3. Quality time with your family. After graduated, I got chance to live with my parents again and I’m so grateful. I can spend lots of things with them.

    Sorry for long post 😛 good luck for you guys too! And thanks again! ❤

    • Love your thoughtful comment, Jane! It’s so nice to hear that other creative and ambitious young women are making things happen for themselves. Best of luck on your job search! 🙂

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